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Luxurious Living

Innovative Designs is please to announce the opening of its newest project, The Avant-Garde. These Luxury Apartments come fully furnished, featuring high quality furniture also including lockable doors, privacy windows, a sex/cuddle bed, bar, fireplace, & shower. Members also have full use of the Avant-Gardes own Theater, Ballroom, Pool, Bar & Conference Room. (Conference room upon reservation only please)

SPECIAL: For a limited Time only, each apartment now comes with a lrge store from with 200 prims. (FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE)

Tenant & Visitor rules and regulations:

1. Prim allotment for each apartment is 200 prims. Tenants should always make sure that they monitor their prim usage. Anyone exceeding the alloted prim allowance will be given two warnings before items are returned.

2. Please do not drop objects that have excessive flying particles or run scripts that cause lag.

3. Shouting is not tolerated.

5. Loud sound emitting prims are not allowed.

4. All visitors must be added to group to enter property. All tenants have ability to add & remove friends to the visitor role, However your are required to remove your friend from group when their visit is over to assure the privacy of fellow tenants.

5. The visitor role in the Avant-Garde group is for short term visitors only. Any Friends, Roomates, Spouses, or Significant others living with you but not making payments must be added to the roommate role.

6. What you do in your own home is your business as long as its not causing grief for others. Any complaints cae sent to Mystalia Milosz. Please leave a notecard with your name, date, name of offender & complaint.

7. Respect & conside
AUTHOR: Mystalia

Link: Link to Location Avant-Garde LuxuryApartments
Metaverse: Second Life
World / Grid: Public Grid
Theme: Personal
Topic: Private
Subtopic: My Appartment
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