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Bosphorus in Second Life is a sim dedicated to Turkish culture. It is a place to see and learn and to get a taste of Turkey. We have to museums located on our sim. The Ataturk museum which showcases photographs of Turkeys Founder and First President Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. You can obtain many facts about Ataturk and what he has done for Turkey from the information tabs provided.

We also have a Ottoman Museum which will take you back in time. Here you can see the signitures (Tuğra) of all the sultans,view pictures from the ottoman empire and gain knowledge of that time in history.

We also have a replica of the Bosphorus bridge which is the centrepiece of our sim. It not only symbolizes bridging two continents Asia and Europe but also for us joining Modern and past Turkey.

Our authentic Turkish bath is the only one of its kind in Second Life. It is a traditional culture in Turkey which still today lives on.

To go to Bosphorus in Second Life please click the link below


AUTHOR: JohnZelnik

Link: Link to Location BOSPHORUS
Metaverse: Second Life
World / Grid: Public Grid
Theme: Sightseeing
Topic: Tourism
Subtopic: Nice Places
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