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Visit the famous german city of Koblenz - Das Deutsches Eck (The german corner)
The German city where the Moselle flows into the Rhine, has a more than 2,000-year long history.
We have tried, in the limited space of a Sim, to build the essential parts of the Deutsches Eck and Festung Ehrenbreitstein as realisticly as possible.
Especially the textures created from photographs in particular ensure that everyone who ever visited Koblenz, immediately recognizes it.
Of course, the Deutsches Eck is not lacking the monument of Kaiser Willhelm with its statue. Climb the monument and let your eyes drift over the city.
The fortress belonging to the city will help to also transport the German culture into the world.
Always changing art exhibitions by artists from real life in the former curtain will make Ehrenbreitstein a cultural meeting place.
From the fortress, visitors may take a free flight with the hang glider over the city or shoot themselves with a cannon over the sim. Quite apart from a wonderfulview of the Deutsches Eck at night or sunset with the city lights turned on.
Another highlight is a Rhine ship, which transports the avatars on the Rhine and Moselle.
In Koblenz, there are quite a lot of shops, party and music
(Dates on the spot or through membership in the group Kowelensa).
Koblenz is also constantly revived with new ideas, so: Stay tuned!


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Metaverse: Second Life
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Theme: Sightseeing
Topic: Tourism
Subtopic: Monuments
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