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Did you love the movie Escape From New York, well now you can see the city, roleplay and enjoy the combat. Play that role of Gangster, Ex-cop, Pimp, Rogue or Thug. Come crawl thru the gutters and see what the goverment has planned next for the dark urban city.

E.F.N.Y. Escape from New York - The city is a dark urban live action role playing game, centered around the cult classic from John Carpenter. The citys setting is what has happened with the crime rate going well over 400 percent. The U.S. government in their wisdom having decided that New York will be the prison colony for the under desirables of life. Those refusing to reform in their ways. The city was designed to provide a dark grim reality for characters to immerse themselves in.

Please feel free to roam, explore, shop. No, one shall engage you in combat unless you are wearing a DCS meter otherwise please wear Observer Tag given at time of arrival.
((Must be at least 7 days old to enter.))

All roleplaying games and situations have clearly defined rules and parameters that the participants must follow. Its important that you, as a player, should know the constraints placed upon you before you start playing the game.
AUTHOR: Sabara Hotshot

Link: Link to Location Escape From New York
Metaverse: Second Life
World / Grid: Public Grid
Theme: Combat
Topic: Roleplay and Combat
Subtopic: Gangsta
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