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We are so very excited to be able to welcome you to the new Hosoi Ichiba. For those not as fluent in Japanese, the word Ichiba means market. We wanted to design something that captures the spirit of a traditional east-asian market, a place you could walk and enjoy the sights, sounds and wonderful merchandise on display. Centre-stage in the Ichiba is the garden. This is designed to be a place to come, sit, relax and meditate. We have various areas for quiet contemplation, including Tai Chi.

Around the garden are the various pavilions, featuring high-quality antiques, furniture and accessories that would complement any asian-styled home. For the trivia buffs out there, each pavilion has a name - here are the meanings of those names:

Omoishiru - think and know
Motomemu - to seek, to want, to desire
Omodaka - Ginkgo Flower
Kashiwa - Oak Leaf
Tachibana - Orange Flower
Miyoga - a wild ginger-like plant

The members of the sales staff look forward to welcoming you to the Ichiba, and hope that you feel a spirit of peace and tranquility when you are with us.

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AUTHOR: Amiryu

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A truely remarkable place designed with love for details and atmosphere.
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