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Theme Park for fans of this horrible Computer Game and Movie - lots of fog but little blood - no nightmares to be expected.
AUTHOR: Editor

Link: Link to Location Little Silent Hill
Metaverse: Second Life
World / Grid: Public Grid
Theme: Fantasy
Topic: Horror
rants (and a real review) Rated 5/5   -
Reviewed by emmychan
Youre opinion on wether the game is good or not is unnessacery and oesnt tell us anyhting about this sim. First of I bet youve only seen the movie and at best play SH5 which was the worst of the series. So I doubt oyu know the games series AT ALL. It was an excellent series. There infact is plenty of killing in the game (See SH2 where maria is murdered in the game no less 3 times.) and anyways blood does not = a good game or a scary game. If thats how you judge good horror then good luck watchin
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Awesome! Rated 5/5   -
Reviewed by SL
Great place :D
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