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We offer several ways to promote and advertise your business in Second Life, from traditional adboards and banners to our unique opportunities: Guaranteed Visitors, Picks Booster and more.
AUTHOR: earn2life

Link: Link to Location SL Business Directory
Metaverse: Second Life
World / Grid: Public Grid
Theme: Business
Topic: Services and Shopping
Great Stuff so far Rated 4/5   - Reviewed by Dispari
I want to mention the SLBiz2Life.com advertising service. Iíve been using their Picks Booster program to advertise my business (SL Graphics & Photos). The things I liked: Ive really get the picks Ive ordered, and that raised my search results. The things I do not likeÖ. I would like to get the whole set of advertising services, including the in-world banner advertisement. SLBiz has the guaranteed visitors program, and the web banners ads. Theyve announced the in-world banners, but its not availa
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Good way to advertise Rated 5/5   - Reviewed by ClubDen
Well, I can only compliment SLBiz for its services. Although I dont need the web banners they offer (we have no web site yet), were using their Guaranteed Visitors and the Picks Booster programs, and they to work quite fine for our club.

Since Ive been invited to this site by SLBiz2Life manager to additionally advertise our business for free, I want to thank the SLBiz guys - they really can help you to promote your business.
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A boost to my business! Rated 5/5   - Reviewed by gotbot
When I first joined the SL Biz directory, I was a bit skeptical that it would impact my bottom line much. I was pleasantly surprised! I have participated in the Guaranteed Visitor program as well as the Picks Booster program and they have both increased my traffic and my sales. Thanks B2L!
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