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We sell the most beautiful skyboxes , including several animations and poses , representing hanging gardens , Roman Bathouses etc etc Have a look at our store! All handmade by Jordyn Starbrook. IM me for more info.Keywords: skybox shop/sky box shop/ skyboxes shop/sky boxes shop /skyhouse shop/sky house shop/sky home shop /skyhome shop/skyhouses shop/sky homes shop/skybox store/sky box store/skyboxes store/sky boxes store /skyhouse store/sky house store/sky home store /skyhome store/skyhouses store/skyhomes store/exclusive skybox/exclusive skyboxes/poseballs/animations/poses/hanging garden/hanging gardens/roman bathhouse/Jordyn Starbrook/skybox for sale/sky box for sale/sky house for sale/skyhouse for sale/sky home for sale/skyhome for sale/house for sale/rezzer/rezzing vendor/vendor/demo/skybox sale/prefab skybox/prefabs/skybox sex bed/skybox sexbed/sky pod/skypod/sky pods/
AUTHOR: asano

Link: Link to Location Starry Sky Skyboxes
Metaverse: Second Life
World / Grid: Public Grid
Theme: Shopping
Topic: Skyboxes and Houses
Start your life here!!! Rated 5/5   - Reviewed by sweethoney Babenco
And you never want to live anywhere else. In pepita estates you meet Jordyn & Antonio. Jordyn creates the most wonderfull skyboxes you ever could imagine. Your dream really comes true. Her skyboxes are build so you can find exactly what fits your needs/dreams. Please dont waiste your time looking all over SL, when you can find what you want at Starry Sky Boxes. AND the land you must purchase in Pepita estates. You simply get the most beautifull place and at the same time you get the most helpful
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*~!!TOO GOOD TO MISS!!~* Rated 5/5   - Reviewed by travenal
There are just too many great things to say about Starry Sky and Pepita Estates. The owners Antinio and Jordyn are two of the nicest people weve met in SL. My wife and I have lived and worked on one of their sims for months and have no intention of leaving any time soon. We have toured many of their awesome skyboxes and besides their beutiful, and functional appearance, they are very unique and imaginative. Jordyn truly has a rare talent. As an aspiring builder she has inspired me to new lev
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Quite amazing Rated 5/5   - Reviewed by Tania
I agree with other residents of the fabulous Peopita Estates in that Jordyns craftmanship and detail to her amazing buildings are not only unique, but a benchmark in SL.

Thank you Jordyn.

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Best Places to buy or rent! Rated 5/5   - Reviewed by Paprika78
The places offered by Starry Sky are the best i have seen in SL. The design is gorgeous, and the attention to detail is amazing. Lots of space, and great layouts.

And the owners are super friendly and helpful.

I would highly recommend them to anyone needing a place to buy or rent!
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Beautiful Skyboxes! Rated 4/5   - Reviewed by FangXiLi Xue

Accidentally I was there last week and i take a look at the skyboxes, they are awesome!
They look cosy, private and with a lot of space.

I dont really need a skybox now, but for the future i will remember this place!


FangXiLi Xue
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