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With a wild passion for space and community, Belvedere Inc. has been creating landscapes that inspire public interaction and individual inspiration.

The four region neighborhood named “bel Niche” is home to over 100 residents who use their very own virtual space to interact with neighbors and create incredible things. Our neighborhood has been described as a “working community” by its residents and we at Belvedere Inc. call it “home.”

Our residents work together in a manner that nourishes both cooperation and personal, private space. We operate with a mixture of public and private land that creates a working, living area for people of all types to inhabit and explore.

All of our residents work and play in a protected space that offers the flexibility to fully enjoy the Metaverse in a relaxed environment. We offer a bold choice for living space without the use of strict agreements, covenants, privacy lines or restrictive themes. Own just enough space for a small cottage or a hilltop for a dramatic mansion built right into the rock. No matter were you place your doormat, the excitement of owning your own space will last a lifetime.

To see the neighborhood first-hand, simply follow the above link to our in-world office or point your Second Life map at the “bel Vale” region.

The residents of the Belvedere Estates are privileged with the use of our unique prim-allotment system which gives our residents the flexibility to adjust the number of objects available on their homeland. Unlike the standard Linden Lab system, Belvedere inc is able to offer residents the option of adding and subtracting prims to any piece of land. This gives you the ability to pay only for the prims you use at a fair, flat price.
AUTHOR: lefty

Link: Link to Location The bel Niche
Metaverse: Second Life
World / Grid: Public Grid
Theme: Sharing
Topic: Agencies
I Love my Estate! Rated 5/5   - Reviewed by carajo
Ive been living in the Belvedere Estates for ages now! I love the atmosphere, the people, THE VIEW, and of course Lefty. Lefty has been a great help to me, I came to him, a SL newbie and he helped me get acquainted with Belvedere and general SL happenings. If hes not around he has estate managers that will help me with my issues. I love the Belvedere Estates so much Im thinking of buying the plot next to me just to have more space. Speaking of space - his spaces are very suitable for my needs an
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