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Toxia aka Toxian City is a dark urban live action role playing game (LARP) built within Second Life. The city’s setting is what is left of a blue collar town after a major disaster hit. The build was designed to evoke a sense of horror and give the characters a variety of interesting settings to roleplay within. Toxia is an open form RPG where you can freely develop and play your character within the construct of the Toxian mythos. The dynamic roleplay is primarily driven by the creative players with occasional storylines run by the staff. The legend of Toxia is created in a way so established characters in other games could cross over without having to change. The players have a common enemy; a variety of Toxian themed fully scripted NPC monsters to battle and unite against. Using the Dark Combat System (DCS) as a Combat Meter it allows the players to play out their character more realistically with various races and powers available appropriate for their race of choice. Toxia supports the following races into its mythos : Vampires, Lycans, Supernaturals, Dark Elves, Mutants, Demons, Angels, Machines, and Humans.
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Metaverse: Second Life
World / Grid: Public Grid
Theme: Fantasy
Topic: Roleplay
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